Improving Work Zones Across The Nation

Posted by Lori Ann Tardif on Aug 13th 2019

At the same time our country’s infrastructure repair projects are on the rise, so are the dangers in active work zones. Mobile devices, food, and speeding are making the roads more dangerous than ever, and the need for our workers and motorists’ safety has become the focus of law makers and … read more

Brace Yourselves, Heat is Coming!

Posted by Lori Ann Tardif on Apr 26th 2019

It’s that time of year again when the temperature starts rising and those in the work zones along with other occupations in outdoor weather, need to take precautions.Did you know that Summer of 2018 ranked 4th hottest on record for U.S.? Along with that statistic, we have more than 15 million pe … read more

Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2019

Posted by Lori Ann Tardif on Apr 15th 2019

April has ‘Work Zone Awareness’ Week but did you know it’s also ‘Distracted Driving Awareness’ Month as well? With the weather warming up and driver inattention at an all-time high, officials across the nation are working to enforce laws and educate the public on safe driving especially through … read more

National Work Zone Awareness Week 2019

Posted by Lori Ann Tardif on Apr 10th 2019

It’s National Work Zone Awareness week (April 8th – April 12th) and this year’s theme is, “Drive Like You Work Here!” Organizations across the nation are showing their support for the cause and the stakes have never been higher for creating safer work zones. According to the Federal Highway … read more

See Us At The Show!

Posted by Lori Ann Tardif on Nov 15th 2018

BOOTH: 645 VISIT WEBSITE The annual ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo is in February 2019 and is being held in Tampa, FL! Nearly 3,500 roadway safety industry professionals worldwide attend the ATSSA Traffic Expo. This even brings every segment of the roadway safety industry together, including: … read more