Cone Alert! What's Happening in The Work Zone?

Cone Alert! What's Happening in The Work Zone?

Posted by Lori Ann Tardif on Aug 23rd 2019

DOTs and law enforcement are busy with battling the summer heat, back to school traffic, and launching a safety campaign.

Ohio DOT is getting recognition in the news for the safety measures they are putting in place for crews in the work zones. The temperature rises but the work still has to push on. Matt Harvey, Transportation Manager at ODOT, stated that,

“We encourage them to take more frequent breaks and take more liquids to protect themselves. The worker is the most important part.”

Each worker doesn’t go out without a hard hat that has a removable sunshade to help keep sun of their neck. It also has a terrycloth headband to keep sweat out of their eyes. Along with the hard hat, crews also get a few more items to have more protection from sunlight and are given packages of sunscreen. This time of year, poison ivy and oak thrive in this weather. Workers are supplied with pre-contact and post-contact treatment.

Ohio DOT expressed the hardships the summer heat brings in the work zones and reminds drivers,

"Take it slow, take it easy. Remember we all have a job to do, and we all have to work together out there... just be conscious of what you're doing and keep an eye out for everybody."

cone-for-bullet-points.pngIn Little Rock, Arkansas the DOT stresses to the public that with schools starting up for a number of school districts, traffic will increase on I-630. They stated that it’s already been hard navigating I-630 since ARDOT is working to expand sections of the road from three to four lanes.

Although the commute will increase in mornings and afternoons, drivers are still trying to speed through. ARDOT Spokesperson Danny Straessle commented,

"There's a sense of over-confidence for the drivers and a lot of folks are going faster than 50 miles an hour. That's not good because we have lane shifts that jog the traffic to the left or to the right," Straessle said.

The good news is that the project started in June of 2018 and should be finishing up after the first of the year and several drivers have spoken about their excitement for the end result. They urge drivers to pay attention and slow down!

cone-for-bullet-points.pngNew York State Police and DOT launched a campaign called “Operation Hardhat” on August 13th. A joint effort to focus on work zone violations and educate the public on the importance of safe driving through active work zones and highways. They will be patrolling several work zones to give tickets to those who disobey, speed, or violate the “Move Over” law.

“Law enforcement and other emergency responders, including highway workers, work in a dangerous environment and risk their lives to keep the traveling public safe. It is important that motorists are aware of their responsibility to follow the rules of the road and know that violations of the Move Over Law and work zone intrusions will not be tolerated,” stated Keith M. Corlett, State Police Superintendent.

Drivers are reminded that fines are doubled for speeding through a work zone and a conviction of two or more speeding violations in a work zone can result in the suspension of an individual’s driver license.