Breakaway Type III Barricade

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TrafFix Devices offers Type III Barricades to meet all of your Traffic safety needs. Type III Barricades are larger and and offer better visibility compared to Type I & II Barricades and are available in 4', 6', 8', 10', and 12' lengths. These Barricades have a wide range of uses, but are typically used to designate road closures. With our large selection of reflective sheeting, lengths, and materials, the TrafFix Type III Barricades can be used all over the world for any situation.

TrafFix Devices' Breakaway Type III Barricades utilize the all-plastic Phoenix Rail and uses uni-strut Telespar Square Tubing with breakaway base, bracket and detachable feet. The TrafFix Devices Breakaway Type III Base yields to impacting vehicles. Easily detachable feet allow for efficient transportation, assembly and storage.