TrafFix Sentry™ Water-Cable Barrier

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The Sentry Water Cable Barrier is an NCHRP 350 TL-3 certified work zone crash barrier. The Sentry is intended as an alternative to cumbersome concrete barriers in a construction work zone. The Sentry has been tested and passed all TL-2 and TL-3 light and heavy vehicle impacts at 45 and 62.5 mph (70 and 100 kph). With eleven (11) interlocking knuckles on each end multiple Sentry's can be linked together with a 1 ⅛" (30 mm) diameter galvanized hollow steel T-Pin with a steel keeper pin at the bottom of each T-Pin. Molded into each Sentry are four (4) ⅜" (9.5 mm) diameter stranded steel cables, that are galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance. The cables prevent the impacting vehicle from penetrating the barrier wall and into the work zone or on-coming traffic.

Product Information Product Specs
  • The Sentry Water-Cable Barrier Wall has been tested and accepted for all TL-2 & TL-3 light weight 1,807 lbs (820 kg) and heavy 4,409 lbs (2,000 kg) vehicle impacts at 45 mph (70 kph) and 62.5 mph (100 kph) impacts
  • Sentry Water-Cable Barrier weighs 160 lbs (73 kg) empty and 2,000 lbs (907 kg) completely full with 220 gal (832 l ) of water Sentry is 72 in (183 cm) long, 43 in (109 cm) tall and 22 in (57 cm) wide
  • Four integrally molded corrosion resistant steel cables prevent the impacting vehicle from breaching the Sentry Water-Cable Barrier
  • The integrally molded steel cable and bushings allow for the creation of a free standing, continuous longitudinal water-cable barrier
  • Stacking lugs on the top and bottom of the Sentry make storage and transport a breeze
  • Fork lift through holes and pallet jack slots make movement and placement of Sentry quick and easy
  • Interlocking knuckle design allows for positive connection between Sentry barriers while still maintaining up to a 15 degree rotation between sections
  • 8 inch (20.32 cm) diameter fill hole allows for quick filling
  • Tamper resistant drain plug with course buttress thread screws in or out in only 1.5 turns
  • Sentry's interlocking knuckles on each end positively link sections together with a galvanized steel T-pin